Family Photo Album 

Photos found in a family album
created by Richard Grubb Coulter

Do you know these people?

 I have been researching my family history and have managed to meet most of my cousins.  Unfortunately, no one knows who the people in the album are. Some of the photos may be of the same people. However, all the cousins agree that we would feel a greater connection if we could put a face to our Irish relations. Anything  you  can add,  such as information about the uniforms or clothing would help. 

If you know who any of these people might be, I would appreciate you hearing from you. Perhaps we can share information. They will belong to families that lived in or about Drumlough, Ballykeel, Lisburn, and Belfast, Northern Ireland with the following surnames:


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Eva Wright  1944

Richard G. Coulter 1944

Eva Coulter  1952

Lillian Coulter  1980

Lynne T. Ringland  2011

May Coulter  1952

Ellen (Nellie) Coulter  1980

Mary Ann McCann 1925

Sarah (Sadie) Coulter 1965

Places We Know

Ancestral Home - Drumlough, Co Down

Me in front of 19 Lille Park Lane, Finaghy

Ex-Servicemen from WWI 1914-1918 taken in Derriaghy 1920 

Possibly Orange LOL No. 1300 - Rising Sons of India - Photo taken pre-1918


These photos were found in a family album created by my grandfather, Richard Grubb Coulter.  His friends called him Dick. He was born 1893 in Derryaghy and in 1947 he died of a heart attack in Finaghy. Both of these towns are near Belfast, N. Ireland. In 1917, while he was a soldier with the Irish Rifles, he married Eva Wright in St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast. When he came home from the war he worked for the post office and as a police officer.  He was a  member of the Orange Order LOL 1300, Rising Sons of India.  

My grandmother, Eva Wright Coulter, born 1898 in Portadown, Armagh on Church St. died 1943 from lung cancer at her home in Finaghy. A few years later when Richard died, he left behind 5 daughters and one son. The family lived in Lille Park Lane, a subdivision that was built for soldiers that had fought in the Somme.  My mother, Eva Lyn, was thirteen when she was orphaned and does not know who the people in the album are. Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy helped the older girls find jobs in the Forces, my mother was sent to an aunt in England, and the youngest son was sent to Barnardo's to be trained as a sailor.  The family ended up living in England, Scotland, Australia, and Canada. In 1953, when she married, my mother moved to Canada which is where I live now.

Drumlough, Co. Down